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About Me

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I am no stranger to dogs. My grandparents founded, Carriage Hill Kennels (a Dog Kennel/Spa and Training facility), in 1961. I take a lot of pride being 3rd generation in the family business. Growing up, my family had a black Labrador Retriever. I started to show interest in dog training with my families’ Lab, Shadow. Training her a variety of tricks when I was just 5 years old.

I went to a local community college after highschool but it was not for me. So I quit. I Decided to work full time for the next 1.5 years. I worked with my family, training dogs and started a snowplowing company with my cousin and dad. After getting a taste of the "real world," I decided that really wanted to go back to school. Having always wanted to go to Colorado, I decided to apply. With just three weeks until school started, I got accepted. Called Mom and said, "I'm moving to Colorado in three weeks." I packed my bags and moved to Durango. I love telling people how I never even visited the state of Colorado, yet alone the school itself. I decided it was time for a change and lived it up, with no regret.

I proceeded to graduate with a Business Administration and Finance degree from Fort Lewis College. However, a few months before I graduated, I got into a car accident that almost took my life and changed my outlook in many ways, for the better.

"The accident that almost ended my life made me realize that life is too short to not do what you love. It propelled and motivated me to levels I did not know existed. I decided I wanted to pursue the life I had always dreamt of! One of my goals is to work and travel the world, helping people along the way. So, if there is ONE thing I wish to accomplish on this journey, it is to help you train your dog so you and your family can live a happier life. I am a firm believer that a well trained dog starts with a well trained owner and that is why I am here to HELP. This is where The Crafty Pup was born!"

I currently run the Dog Training at my family business, Carriage Hill Kennels. "I noticed a problem that I knew I could fix. We live in a world where people are super busy. Taking the kids to practice, dinners, meetings, the list goes on and on. Anyone close to me knows that I am a problem solver. I thought, what if I made it possible for people to train their dog ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, on ANY DEVICE! I believe that bringing my knowledge and expertise to the online community can truly be revolutionary and bring a lot of value to dog owners world wide, I want to be your dog training guy."