“My mission is simple. I want my online dog training course to showcase my knowledge but more importantly, I want to show YOU and people all over the world how to train your dog.”


"Born into a family dog business I have seen it all. Dogs truly are a man's best friend but too often I see them out smart their owners. I needed to figure out a way.. to help people train their dog. This was where The Crafty Pup online dog training course was born."

~ Jimmy Cee, Creator of The Crafty Pup 


About Me

Find out what inspired me to create my ONE of a KIND Online Dog Training Course that teaches you how to train your dog!

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Online DOg Training COurses

Does your dog pull you on walks? Or not listen to your commands? Well, if so, you are in the right place. I am a firm believer that a well trained dog starts with a well trained owner. I am here to HELP YOU train your dog!

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