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Trying Vegan With Mario

  • Featured as a Guest on the television show, Trying Vegan With Mario.

  • A TV show where celebrity host, Mario Fabbri invited me into his kitchen to cook healthy plant based foods.

  • Together Mario Fabbri and I made vegan dog treats.

  • Trying Vegan With Mario has over 100,000 Subscribers on Roku.

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The DIY DOg Mom

  • I helped The DIY Dog Mom train her 3 legged rescue Pit.

  •  Jayne had emergency surgery to save her leg but it was unsuccessful.

  • She had to have her back leg amputated.

  • I have never trained a 3 legged dog and jumped at the opportunity. 

  • Together, Alicia and I are on a mission to make Jayne an obedient member of her family.

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Fan Sports Visor

  • Featured on FanSportsVisor's podcast, On The Rise.

  • Steve Bateman invites entrepreneurs and musicians who have a love for fantasy sports onto his show where he asks the guest how they got involved in fantasy and what drives them to do what they do for a living.

  • Steve asks me what it was like being born into the dog business and what inspired me to create The Crafty Pup.

  • Podcast can be heard HERE!