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Puppy Imprinting Online Course

I created The Crafty Pup with a huge vision in mind. I want to share my expertise and teach people all over the world how to train their dog, at their convenience.  In this online puppy training course, I include videos where I am training Waylon, a German Shepard puppy. I break everything down for you to ensure everything is easy to comprehend. I recommend taking this course if your puppy is between 9-16 weeks old.

The objective behind this course is to start teaching your new puppy good habits. Most people let their puppies develop bad habits which makes your life more difficult than it needs to be. My goal is to make the process of training your new puppy as simple as I possibly can for you.

It is very easy to start training your puppy at a young age. Why? At this young of an age your new puppy has a mind like a sponge. It is willing to absorb anything. This is why is it sooo important to start developing good habits for your puppy at a very young age.

What you and your puppy will learn:

  • Recall- I will show you how to teach your new puppy to come back when called.

  • Sit- I will show you how to teach your new puppy to sit with a treat.

  • Down- I will show you how to teach your puppy to go down with a treat.

included in course:

  • 4 video chapters with step-by-step instructions on how to begin training with your puppy.

  • Each video has a homework sheet that is written out for you.

  • Access to The Crafty Pup Pack Facebook Group. Here you can communicate with other puppy owners.


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